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    "Your book is spectacular! You tempered your examples of medical experiences with such wisdom. Your book is a real treasure."

                     Dr. Tom Keens, Professor of Pediatrics, Children's Hospital, Los Angeles

"What a tribute to your father, what a legacy for your family. A great and glorious effort. Even if you did not follow directly in your father's footsteps, you have found your own truth and voice, and I think he would be immensely proud, wise man that he was."


Kate Zentall, author and editor

"I want to thank you for writing this book. At a time that I was thinking about the illness of a dear friend, it was very helpful, thought-provoking, and soothing. It helped me make sense of what seems like a senseless loss."

        Linda Wuest, former Executive Director, World Affairs Council, Houston

"Your book is brilliant. You have immortalized your father - indeed, brought him to life for those of us who did not know him but wish that we had had that privilege. The careful thought you have given to what you would share with us...shines through."

       Nancy Geyer. author, Frailties (Little, Brown), Flying South (Scribner), playwright

"Honestly, your book has been our family's springboard of great discussion, catalyst for buried memories, tender conversations, and source of awe regarding depth, talent, and you. have sparked an accessibility to a personal philosophy toward the end of my very lucid parents' lives that gives me a peace and a collective wisdom/light in which each of us is delighting, particularly in the presence of one another. Your work is rippling in its effects."

     Karen Krakower Kaplan 

"Any act of generosity is a kindness, as Dr. Klein reminds us. But, generosity with grace is a benediction. If grace can be said to add radiance to life, then Dr. Milton Klein's book certainly achieves that end.

Aaron Howard, staff writer, Jewish Herald Voice

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