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”Milton Klein’s Learned by Heart is a work anchored in the sacred texts of Judaism, but it is also, with as much presence and autonomy, a philosophical text about life — about life as a wondrous cosmic reality.


At once a loving portrait of a father, an engaging autobiography, and a collection of essays written with a crisp and often moving prose, it is also a philosophical meditation on topics ranging from art, love, and humor, to the cruel realities of suffering, aging, and death. Particularly striking is the recurring theme of time — time understood as a fundamental reality that confers meaning and being to everything else. Milton Klein stitches this theme across various chapters with sensitivity and very perceptive examinations, giving the book much of its beautiful unity and depth. Learned by Heart is an inspired work and, in turn, an inspiring, even uplifting mediation on the hard, yet wondrous reality of our being alive.”


Fernando R. Casas, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer of Humanities and Philosophy, Rice University, Houston, TX



“In this stunningly beautiful memoir, Milton Klein reveals his deeply religious spirit, a love of his Judaism, a poetic sensibility, and a broadly cultured mind. The author comes from a long line of distinguished rabbis, including his father, who blessed his son’s decision to enter the medical profession. This book — both a loving tribute and a channeling of his father’s teachings — eloquently reveals the gifts of the son as a teacher par excellence of his Jewish heritage.”

​Rabbi Samuel E. Karff

Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX



“Milton Klein has crafted a book that floats back and forth through Jewish learning, medicine, and family history; a perfectly balanced blend of words that emanate from his soul. This is a deeply personal work with broad universal appeal.”

Rabbi Ranon Teller

Rabbi of Brith Shalom Synagogue, Houston, TX

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